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10 Walk in Closet Ideas For Your Master
Whether you're looking for inspiration or luxury, let me help you plan your perfect wardrobe with a one-on-one style consultation.

Style package #1:


The Style Ideal - "The Ideal Check-Up" 


Let me sort through your wardrobe and talk about what your style says about you and what you want it to say. This one-on-one assessment can help you rebuild your personal branding and assist you in finding the things you need to purchase that will help give voice to the new ideal you.


It’s the ideal package for that new job or business or a new relationship, or it can just provide a new set of eyes before you clean out your closet. 


Style package #2


The Style Ideal - "The Ideal Identity"


No matter your age or your size, we still at times need a little help seeing the beauty in ourselves. Let’s take this time to have a real one-on-one conversation about what personal style means to you, whose style you admire, and how I can make you feel even more comfortable in the skin you’re in. During this time, we can discuss all the things in your life that may be holding you back from finding the confidence to express your own true style identity. Or the time can be used to give you all the right tools and information to help you bring out your true inner diva. We can sort through your wardrobe and get rid of things that you don’t need while giving you the perfect personal wardrobe advice to suit your every need by taking The Style Ideal - Personal Style Service Quiz. 


It's the ideal package for women or men who need a little confidence boost by finding their perfect style expression or those who just need a little guidance to bring out their best selves. 

Frida Marklund for ELLE Sweden with Karl

Style package #3:


The Style Ideal - "The Ideal Time" 


As the saying goes, “time is money”. This package is ideal for the woman or man on the go. Let me sort through and organize your wardrobe by mixing and matching the perfect outfits for day and night so that you never have to worry about the annoyance or frustration of finding what to wear. Just grab and go! 


It's the ideal package for busy professionals, and people looking for a little closet organization or structure, or the fashionista in need of help.

You’ve Never Seen a Beauty Store Quite L

Style package #4: 


The Style Ideal - "The Ideal Size"


You’ve worked so hard to get to your perfect weight, or you’ve gained some luxurious curves. Let me work with you to showcase the bold, beautiful new you to the world with a one-on-one shopping trip (after taking The Style Ideal - Personal Style Service Assessment Quiz). I will help you find the amazing pieces that help to accentuate the best part of you. I will even give you the option to book a separate fitting with your very own professional tailor. 


It's the ideal package for new mothers, new-year-new-you resolution success stories, or the woman or man looking to update or upgrade their look. 




Coisa linsa.jpeg

"The Ideal Style Crawl Brunch"

Grab your favorite besties and lets eat, shop & love with your very own stylist!!!

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"The Ideal Shopping Trip"

Come shop the streets of NYC with your very own style concierge

Stunning Tulle Halter Neckline Floor-len

"The Ideal Glam Squad"

Get red carpet ready with us! Let my glam squad get you ready for that upcoming event.

Una festa a tema porcellane - Matrimonio

"The Ideal Vintage Haul"

Shh, it’s a secret and now you will know too! Join me for a "best in NYC" vintage shopping trip.

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